01 - Work

Central State Office for the Development of the Digital Society

Surveys of the public’s opinion on the newly redesigned interface of the User’s box on e-Građani platform

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02 - Work


Management of social networks and advertising

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03 - Work

E-commerce advertising

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04 - Work


Visual merchandising campaign

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05 - Work

A1 campaign

VIP to A1 merchandising rebranding campaign

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06 - Work

Johnnie Walker labeling campaign

Direct-lead digital campaign with impressive sales results

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07 - Work

Glovo PR campaign

Croatian PR launch of the Spanish start-up

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08 - Work


We celebrated 25 years of Offertissima with the omnichanel that brand deserves

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09 - Work


Campaign for centenial celebration of the brand

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10 - Work

British American Tobacco

1-2-1 marketing

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11 - Contact

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