Merchandising and Visual merchandising

What is Merchandising?

Merchandising or sales promotion is all you do to promote and sell your products when there is a potential customer in your store. When we talk about merchandising, we are talking about products available for sale, usually in a retail environment. Because the sales process often begins with the eyes, selling goods usually involves presenting the product in a visually favorable light, in order to encourage purchases.

Merchandising strategies

store interior and layout displaying merchandising

Benefits of Merchandising

Stores that present products that customers often look for or are neatly arranged in a convenient location will find the same customers who regularly return for more products.

Visual merchandising is a part of merchandising and its task is to design and display goods in a retail environment with the aim of attracting customers and increasing sales. One way to achieve this is to create a flyer, a brochure that highlights the look, features, benefits and uses of the product in a visually convincing way. The key thing is that visual merchandising is not just about making products look good. It is about presenting them in a way that leads to a visible increase in income.

Want to improve your point of sale?

Contact us to embark on the realization of merchandising activities and improve sales and customer satisfaction. You can see our merchandising projects on Work page.

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