Mystery shoppers

Who are mystery shoppers?

A mystery shopper is a person who, through a general procedure, collects data on the quality of services of a certain company or the sales skills of associates. Mystery shoppers are trained observers who present themselves as normal customers in situations where the staff does not know who they are and then informs the client of their experience.

The service is evaluated according to pre-established objective criteria.

Who uses mystery shoppers?

Mystery shoppers are used by stores, financial institutions, restaurants, department stores, service providers and other similar companies to measure customer service, product quality and the general environment of the above facilities. Their main responsibilities include purchasing and reporting on the overall shopping experience. Mystery shoppers play an important role in meeting customer expectations by pretending to be ordinary customers as they observe and identify various factors that might require improvement.

Benefits of Mystery Shoppers

male mystery shopper in the store

Mystery shopper is a marketing method that very quickly gives relevant results precisely because of getting feedback from the point of sale. The mystery shopper can also be used for a detailed analysis of only certain aspects of the sale in case the company requests it. This method has been used for many years and is just as useful today as it was 20 years ago. As long as there are physical stores with sellers, the mystery shopper will remain a very fast and efficient method of exploring new places to improve sales. In case you want to try this method, contact us to make an appointment.

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