Shopper marketing

What is shopper marketing?

Shopper marketing is not limited to marketing activities in stores, which is a common and very inaccurate assumption that hinders the spread of shopper marketing as a marketing activity. Shopper marketing must be part of a comprehensive integrated marketing approach that takes into account the possibilities of increasing consumption and identifies the customer who should buy the brand to enable that consumption. Customers need to be understood in terms of how well they interpret consumer needs, what the customer’s own needs are, where they are likely to shop, in which stores they may be affected, and which store activities affect them.

Shopper marketing analyzes and studies customer behavior while in shopping mode.

Shopper marketing focuses on the customer at the point of purchase. He tries to appeal to customers at the last minute when they are actually ready to buy something. Unlike print, radio, or TV ads that can stay with customers for months, shopper marketing tries to immediately influence and directly influence behavior.

Who needs shopper marketing?


Manufacturers want to increase the chances of customers choosing their product over another when they are on the shelf with competing products. To convince customers, manufacturers will consider price, packaging, and special arrangements with retailers to highlight their product.


Unlike manufacturers, they try to emphasize trade, not product. Merchants want customers to choose their store over another, spend as much money as possible, and return for a repeat job. When trying to improve the shopping experience, they take into account location, signage, store layout, lighting, and a number of other factors.

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Shopper marketing requires strategic thinking and a thorough knowledge of customers and how they make decisions. Brandkarma contains a team of professionals with many years of experience behind them in shopper marketing. Contact us in case you want to significantly improve your shopper marketing.

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