Event management and PR

What is event management?

Event management includes various functions for executing large events, which may include conferences, congresses, concerts, trade fairs, festivals and ceremonies. It includes managing the overall logistics of the event, working with staff and managing the project management of the event as a whole. Additional responsibilities include budget management and teams of people responsible for each function, as well as overseeing the execution of events. Event organizers also oversee the services of all external suppliers and professionals, including event planners. 

Event management includes: identifying the target audience, ie the participants of the event, designing the concept of the event, coordinating the technical aspects before the event starts and branding the event itself.

The role of event management

Very often, companies that offer event management are hired to plan and hold meetings of large companies and special events. While weddings and concerts are common events for professionals who organize events, sporting events, gatherings and big parties are also occasions that can benefit from event management. Government agencies, nonprofits, associations and corporations use event management companies to coordinate important events and meetings. The event management function can often be found in the corporate marketing or public relations department or as part of the staff for their special events.

PR - Public relations

We must emphasize that public relations form one whole communication process that builds a mutually beneficial relationship between the organization and the audience, and event management is just one of the tactics it belongs to in public relations. There are certain similarities, but there are also many differences. Public relations requires long-term monitoring of activities that accompany a complete public communication strategy.

The activities that are part of the public relations strategy never stop, they are only corrected and adapted to the current situation in the public.

event management kao usluga

If you want your event to positively exceed all expectations, we recommend hiring a company that has long-term experience in event management, because it is this experience and attention to details that results in the difference between a successful and average event. Our team offers you just such quality and experience with event management and public relations. If you are interested in our services, contact us to start the project.

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